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AOL Sign In

Electronic Mails or simply Emails have come a long way since its inception. In its initial days, its usage was limited primarily to sending and receiving messages. However, today it has evolved into a necessity that serves multiple purposes. AOL Mail is one of the available options that provide outstanding, user-centric and dependable mailing service. It is a feature-dense service that offers unmatched user experience without comprising its basic functionality. Besides that, it ensures the rock-solid security of your data and communication. In order to experience all this and a lot more, users must go through an effortless process of AOL Sign In.AOL Sign In

AOL Sign In Process

Although, AOL Sign In is an extremely convenient and fast process. However, some users may feel lost even with this straightforward AOL Mail Login procedure. At this point, a specific step-by-step instruction manual can help them. As such, we have explained the steps involved in this process in the most simplified way. 

Open Browser

First of all, open your preferred internet browser. Your browser will be either on your desktop or the taskbar i.e. at the very bottom of your screen. You may have either Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. Hence, click on the browser icon to open it.

Access AOL Homepage

Thereafter, you should go to the Homepage of the official AOL Sign In website. For this, type in in the address bar of your browser. Subsequently, press the “Enter” key from your keyboard for AOL Sign In. 

Open Profile

Now, look at the top right-hand side corner of this window. Here, you will find a Profile icon with Login/Join tab. Hence, click on it to open the subsequent window. 

Enter Email Address

The following window will prompt you to provide your “AOL Email Address”. Here, you must remember that it is the same ID with which you created your AOL account. Hence, type in your email address correctly for AOL Mail Login. Thereafter, click “Next”. 

Login With An Alternate Method

This window provides you an alternate means for AOL Email Sign In. You will find this alternative at the very bottom of this window underneath the “Create Account” button. In other words, you have an option to log in with a “Facebook”, “Google” or “Yahoo” account. Hence, click on any one of these icons to access your AOL email account. For this, you are required to be logged in to any of these accounts. However, in case if you are not logged in to these accounts. Then, it will prompt you to log in to the selected option. 

Enter Password

The next window requires you to enter your “Password”. Hence, enter the corresponding password for your AOL Mail Sign In account. Here, you pay attention to type in the correct password accurately. This is particularly true because passwords are case-sensitive.  

Tick Mark

Underneath the field for “Password”, you will find an option with a box to tick mark it. Below these fields, you must have an option with a box to tick mark it. By selecting this option, your browser saves your password and keeps you logged in even after exiting the website. Hence, you can choose to select it or leave it based on your preferences. 

Click Aol Sign In

Finally, you should click on the “Sign In” tab for AOL Email Sign In.